Please find below a list of current available positions

JOB_2105PHS Job 2105, Live-in Butler West London, 50.000 – 75.000 GBP Gross / YearButlers50.000 - 75.000 Gross GBP / Year
JOB_2102PHS Job 2102, Part Time Housekeeper Job, Live Out Housekeeper Vacancy, West Wickham, Greater London, UK ( BR4 ), Salary 16 - 17 GBP Gross per hourHousekeepers16 - 17 GBP
JOB_2103PHS Job 2103, Live IN Russian Speaking Domestic Couple Job, Housekeeper and Handyman job, Permanent, Surrey, UK, Salary 91K Gross / YearHouse managing Couples91,000.00 GBP Gross
JOB_2089PHS Job 2089, Temporary, Full-Time, Live-Out, Housekeeper Job, Maida Vale, London, Salary £17 per Hour GrossHousekeepers17
JOB_2100PHS Job 2100, Part Time Housekeeper / Babysitter Job, Kensington, London, Salary 17 GBP Gross per hourHousekeepers17 GBP Gross per hour
JOB_2101PHS Job 2101, Temporary Housekeeper Job ( May - the 1st of July ), Part Time / Full Time Housekeeper Vacancy, Notting Hill, London, UKHousekeepers16 - 18 GBP Gross per hour
JOB_2099PHS Job 2099, Part Time Nanny Job, Live OUT Nanny in Chiswick, London, Salary NegotiableNannyNegotiable
JOB_2091PHS Job 2091, Full time Housekeeper Chelsea 38K-48KHousekeepers38K-48K GBP per Year Gross
JOB_2092PHS Job 2092, Full-time Live out Housekeeper 38.000 - 48.000 GBP Per Year GrossHousekeepers38.000 - 48.000 GBP per Year Gross
JOB_2093PHS Job 2093, Part time Housekeeper Chelsea, 150-200 GBP Gross per DayHousekeepers150-200 GBP per Day Gross
JOB_2069PHS Job 2069, House Managing Couple, Uxbridge, 60K-70K GBP Gross per YearHouse managing Couples60.000 - 70.000 GBP Gross / Year
JOB_2090PHS Job 2090, Russian Speaking Rota Nanny Job, Rota Nanny Job in Surrey, UK, Salary 45K GrossNanny45,000.00 GBP Gross
JOB_2095PHS Job 2095, Part-time, Live-Out Housekeeper Job, Marylebone, London, Salary 17-20 GBP/Hour/GrossHousekeepers£17-20 gross per hour
JOB_2096PHS Job 2096, Live-In, Full-Time Housekeeper Job, Knutsford, Cheshire, England, Salary 40,000-45,000 GBP Gross/YearHousekeepers£40,000-45,000 gross per year
JOB_2074PHS Job 2074, Live-in Housekeeper Wimbledon, 42-47K Gross/YearHousekeepers42.000 - 47.000
JOB_2094PHS Job 2094, Russian Speaking Nanny Job, Rota (2 weeks / 2 weeks) Nanny Job, London, Dubai, Salary 50-60K/YearNanny50,000 - 60,000 GBP Gross
JOB_2053PHS Job 2053, Part Time Nanny Job, Live Out Nanny Vacancy, Highgate, London, Salary 16 - 18 GBP Gross per hourNanny16 -18 GBP Gross per hour
JOB_2088PHS Job 2088, Part-time, Live-out, Housekeeper/Cook Job,Cobham, Surrey, Salary 22,000-24,000 GBP Gross per YearHousekeeper Cook£22,000-24,000
JOB_2085PHS Job 2085, Live In House Managing Couple Job, Rye, East Sussex, Salary 65,000 GBP Gross per yearHouse managing Couples65,000 GBP Gross per year
JOB_2084PHS Job 2084, Full Time Houseman Job, Live in / Live out Houseman Vacancy, Roehampton, London, UK ( SW15 ), Salary 50,000 GBP Gross per yearHousekeepers50,000 GBP Gross per year
JOB_2080PHS Job 2080, Live Out Housekeeper, Putney, 14 GBP Net / HourHousekeepers14 GBP Net / Hour
JOB_2072PHS Job 2072, Part time Housekeeper Manchester, 14 GBP Gross per hourHousekeepers14 GBP Gross per hour
JOB_2068PHS Job 2068, Live-in Nanny Housekeeper, Fullham, 42K - 48K GBP per Year GrossNanny Housekeepers42.000 - 48.000 GBP Gross per Year
JOB_2065PHS Job 2065, Live-Out Household Manager, North London, 35K-45K GBP Gross / YearHousehold Managers35.000 - 45.000 GBP Gross per Year
JOB_2087PHS Job 2087, Russian Speaking Nanny Job, Live OUT Nanny Job in Kensington, UK, Salary 55K GrossNanny55,000 GBP Gross
JOB_2056PHS Job 2056, Full-Time, Live-Out/Live-In Nanny job, Hampstead, London, UK, Salary NegotiableNanny40,000-50,000
JOB_2086PHS Job 2086, Part-Time, Live Out Housekeeper/Elderly Assistant, Edinburgh, Scotland, Salary 16-17 GBP Gross per hourHousekeepers16-17
JOB_2083PHS Job 2083, Part Time Housekeeper Job ( 31,5 hours per week ), Live Out Housekeeper Vacancy, Chelsea, London, Salary 16 - 18 GBP Gross per hourHousekeepers16 - 18 GBP Gross per hour
JOB_2082PHS Job 2082, Full Time Handyman Job, Live Out Handyman Vacancy, Belgravia and Knightsbridge, London, Salary 36,000 GBP Gross per yearHandyman36,000 GBP Gross per year
JOB_2079PHS Job 2079, Live OUT Russian Speaking Chauffeur Job, Full time private chauffeur, Permanent, Kensington, London, Salary 50K / YearChauffeurs50,000.00 GBP Gross
JOB_2071PHS Job 2071, Temporary Housekeeper Job ( 19.04-20.05 ), Part Time Housekeeper Vacancy, Mayfair, London, Salary 17 GBP Gross per hourHousekeepers17 GBP Gross per hour
JOB_2067PHS Job 2067, Rota Russian Speaking Nanny Job, Rota Nanny Job in Dubai, Nanny in UAE, Salary 3000 - 3500 EUR Gross / MonthNanny3000- 3500 EUR / Month Gross
JOB_2050PHS Job 2050, Full Time Nanny Job, Live In or Live Out Nanny Vacancy,  Newcastle upon Tyne, UK ( NE4 ), Salary NegotiableNannyNegotiable
JOB_2002PHS Job 2002, Live In Couple Job, Traveling Couple Vacancy, UK and Italy, Salary negotiableHouse managing Couplesnegotiable
JOB_2060PHS Job 2060, Live OUT Russian Speaking Chef Job, Part Time Private Chef, Permanent, Mayfair, London, Salary NegotiableChefNegotiable
JOB_2057PHS Job 2057, Temporary, Part-Time, Live-Out, Housekeeper Job, Mayfair, London, Salary £15/hour GrossHousekeepers15
JOB_2007PHS Job 2007, Full time Live in House Managing Couple Job Perthshire Scotland, 60K GBP Gross / YearHouse managing Couples60K - 80K GBP per year
JOB_2055PHS Job 2055, Full Time Russian Speaking Nanny, Live Out Nanny Job, Ravenscourt Park, London, UK ( W6 ), Salary from 35,000 GBP Gross per yearNannyfrom 35,000 GBP gross per year
JOB_2049PHS Job 2049, Live-In, Full-Time, Nanny Job, Ferring, West Sussex, Salary £15 per Hour GrossNanny15
JOB_2048PHS Job 2048, Live In, Full Time Housekeeper Job, Holland Park, London, Salary 38,000 GBP per year Gross,Housekeepers38000
JOB_2042PHS Job 2042, Live Out, Full Time Housekeeper Job, Cobham, Surrey, Salary NegotiableHousekeepers40000
JOB_2045PHS Job 2045, Part Time Housekeeper Job, Wimbledon, Greater London, Salary NegotiableHousekeepersNegotiable
JOB_2044PHS Job 2044, Live IN Russian Speaking Nanny / Housekeeper Job, Full Time Nanny / Housekeeper, Permanent, South Kensington, London, Salary negotiableNanny HousekeepersNegotiable
JOB_2041PHS Job 2041, Temporary, Live Out, Full Time, Housekeeper Job, Cricklewood, London, Salary £17 per Hour GrossHousekeepers17
JOB_2040PHS Job 2040, Part Time Housekeeper Job, Live Out Housekeeper Vacancy, Barnes, London, UK ( SW13 ), Salary 17-18 GBP Gross per hourHousekeepers17-18 GBP Gross per hour
JOB_2038PHS Job 2038, Live-OUT,Part-Time Housekeeper/Family PA Job, Twickenham, London, Salary 15k-20k/Year/ GrossHousekeepers15000-20000
JOB_2039PHS Job 2039, Live-in, Full-Time, Temporary Maternity Nurse Job, Kensington, London, Salary 250-350 GBP/24h/GrossMaternity and Night Nurses250 -350
JOB_2035PHS Job 2035, Part-Time, Live Out, Housekeeper / Nanny Job, Camberwell, London, Salary 17GBP/Hour GrossNanny Housekeepers
JOB_2036PHS Job 2036, Live In, Full-time, Housekeeper Job, Crawley, West Sussex, Salary 35K Gross per yearHousekeepers35000
JOB_2033PHS Job 2033, Full-time Live-out Housekeeper BELGRAVIA, Salary 40K-55K GBP Gross per yearHousekeepersNegotiable
JOB_2020PHS Job 2020, Full Time Housekeeper / Laundress Job, Live Out Housekeeper / Laundress Vacancy, Notting Hill, London, Salary 750 - 950 GBP Gross per weekHousekeepers750 - 950 GBP Gross per week
JOB_2016PHS Job 2016, Part Time, Spanish Speaking, Housekeeper / Nanny Job, Camden Town, London, Salary 17-18 GBP per hour, GrossNanny Housekeepers17-18 GBP per hour / Gross
JOB_2014PHS Job 2014, Live Out, Part-Time, Housekeeper/Elderly Assistant Job, Salary £15 GBP per HourHousekeepers£15 per hour
JOB_2009PHS Job 2009, Live out, Part-Time, Housekeepr Job, Horsham, Salary £15 Gross per HourHousekeepers15 GBP Gross per Hour
JOB_1998PHS Job 1998, Live IN Nanny Job in Cyprus, Full Time Nanny in Cyprus Job, Cyprus, Salary NegotiableNannyNegotiable
JOB_1994PHS Job 1994, Live Out Full Time Housekeeper Job, Cobham, Surrey, Salary £35K per year GrossHousekeepers
JOB_2001PHS Job 2001, Live Out, Full Time, Housekeeper Job, Chelsea, London, Salary 45-48k GBP Gross per yearHousekeepers45,000.00-48,000.00 GBP per year Gross
JOB_1989PHS Job 1989, Full Time German Speaking Nanny Job Radlett, London, Salary 40K - 50k per year GrossNanny
JOB_1979PHS Job 1979, After School Governess Job, Live Out Governess Vacancy, Kensington, London, Salary 20 GBP Gross per hourGovernessfrom 20 GBP Gross per hour
JOB_1983PHS Job 1983, Head Housekeeper Job Buckinghamshire, Live IN or OUT Head Housekeeper Job, Salary 45K - 52K GrossHead Housekeeper45K - 52K GBP Gross
JOB_1980PHS Job 1980, Live In Housekeeper Job, Full Time Housekeeper Vacancy, Cobham, Surrey, Salary 39,000 - 44,200 GBP Gross per yearHousekeepers39,000 - 44,200 GBP Gross per year
JOB_1966PHS Job 1966, Live In Housekeeper / Cleaner Job, Full Time Housekeeper / Cleaner Vacancy, Somerset, UK, Salary 15 GBP Gross per hourHousekeepers15 GBP Gross per hour